The spontaneous after-work party with the dear colleagues, serial marathon with the Herzbuben, the nice evening at the Mexicans around the corner with greasy food and too much tequila shots or dance nights with the girls – reasons to wake up in the morning wrinkled and patched up there are many. And even those who put on a make-up, pay attention to regular on-bed-time and sufficient sleep, will not always be rewarded with being well rested and waking up with a fresh complexion the next day. Most of us in the mirror winks rather at a smashed face with a pale skin. Fortunately, there are countless little and bigger helpers who literally make our skin glow overnight, so we do not have to worry about the morning after, but insteadhow to feel after an extensive beauty treatment . And best of all, we do not have to do anything but sleep one night!

The difference between day and night care

Not only we, but also our skin has its own biorhythm. In principle, the ingredients of our day and night care shouldto be similar, after all we care for the same skin. During the day, however, our skin is in defensive mode: it is constantly exposed to damaging environmental influences, which are fought from the inside out. Thinking in the evening about what has accumulated on our face during the day, we realize how important a good foundation is. Make-up, car exhaust and UV rays – all this contaminates our skin and creates free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for the so-called cell oxidation and impair cell renewal. The first step to a fresh complexion in the morning is, therefore, in the evening properly and above all thoroughly abzuminken. This not only removes all residues from the skin – the light massage on removing make-up additionally stimulates microcirculation!

At night, however, we are protected from light and external attacks. The cells have time to regenerate and repair the damage. So while we sleep, our organism raises the protective and repair processes. And our skin really gets going: The microcirculation is in full swing, the natural exfoliation is promoted, the skin forms more new cells. Among other things, this is related to the altered hormone release during sleep: In the dark, our brain releases more and more of the sleep hormone melatonin and the growth hormone somatropin. In addition, because the pores widen at night and the skin surface becomes more permeable, our skin is particularly receptive to care substances.

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With the help of night creams, we can specifically support the repair and protection mechanisms of our skin. They have special active ingredients and textures that are adapted to the nocturnal conditions and accelerate the skin during cell renewal. Revitalizing agents in night creams smooth our skin, repair deficiency symptoms and literally counteract the aging process overnight. In contrast to day care night cream is usually richer and therefore viscous. It absorbs slower and can work longer. Properly good night care should definitely contain vitamins and antioxidants that protect against free radicals. The so-called Coenzyme Q10 supports, for example, the metabolism of the cells and protects them from free radicals. Vitamin E also has an antioxidant effect and acts as a natural cell protection. Retinol, on the other hand, is a pure form of vitamin A that stimulates collagen production and keeps the skin elastic. So little wrinkles have no chance in the morning. Hyaluronic acid in turn donates and binds moisture. Even products with vitamin E and natural oils provide a fresh glow.

 The right night care

Just because night cream is significantly richer than day care, it should be tailored to the skin type . Therefore, it is essential to know your own skin type before buying a product. This can change with age and also change with the seasons.

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Who tends to oily skin, needs a light, grease-regulating care. Salicylic and glycolic acid helps clogged pores and also has an antibacterial effect. Dry skin, however, requires an extra dose of moisture and thus a greasy, oily cream. The active substances urea and lactate are optimal to fill up the moisture storage of our skin and counteract feelings of tension. Even normal, stressed skin needs moisture and reassurance. Here are products with chamomile and marigold. Nursing creams with the ingredients argan oil and aloe vera are particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Aloe Vera relieves skin irritation and redness; Argan oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which restores the balance of the skin. It becomes more problematic with combination skin: On the one hand you need a rich cream for the dry cheeks and at the same time a lighter moisturizer for forehead, nose and chin. Paraffin-free night creams are tailored to the special, because different needs of combination skin: on the one hand reduce the excess sebum and thus prevent the formation of new blemishes. At the same time they have moisturizing and milder wrinkles.

Sometimes, however, there are only individual parts of the skin that cause us concern. If you suffer from impurities, it is best to resort to care sticks or patches that contain special ingredients that dry out impurities and help against inflammation. For example, if the skin is particularly drained during the period or prolonged sunbathing, it will do well to give it a kind of bodybuilder injection. If the effect of night creams is not intense enough, you are welcome to take highly concentrated serumsto grab. High-dose care cures contain more active ingredients that help to effectively stimulate the vital functions of the skin. They stimulate the skin and conjure up a „new-skin“ effect. Peelings should be postponed to the next day as the skin is more sensitive in the evening. Instead, you can treat yourself and your skin with a  rich facial mask . Even the new sleeping masks from Asia work wonders here. They combine rich care with a light texture and are easy to handle. In contrast to conventional face masks, the sleep masks do not have to be washed off, but are absorbed overnight and thus develop their full effect.


Our eye area also needs rest and pampering care. It is one of the most sensitive facial areas and therefore needs its very own care. If you like, you can add an oil-free eye cream to your night care, which adds  moisture and so reduces dark circles , bags under the eyes and crow’s feet . These are fine emulsions that have been specially developed for the eye area, which stimulate microcirculation of the skin. The trick is not to cream, but to knock. It’s best to start at the inner corners of your eyes and then work your way out carefully, knocking gently.

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Also facial and body oils contain antioxidants, smooth out the wrinkles caused by dryness and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. Applying them before night care increases the anti-aging effect.

And what applies to our face, can not be wrong for the skin on the body. Because she also regenerates while we sleep. However, body skin is far less sensitive and thus less demanding than our facial skin. Here is enough a good layer of body cream or lotion , which can move in overnight. Dry areas on the elbow or knees may be treated with urea using the skincare procedure mentioned above.

In fact, there are a number of places that we like to neglect: The skin on and behind the ears, for example, is very delicate and quickly loses its elasticity, making small wrinkles immediately visible. The skin on the neck and décolleté  should definitely be included in the night care. Cushions and a lateral sleeping position create unsightly wrinkles. And also the skin on the lips is very thin and is therefore happy about a portion of rich care. Incidentally, one should not forget the skin above the lip to prevent vertical lip wrinkles.

Face masks
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All tips mentioned here apply in principle to both genders. However, men’s  skin is  generally thicker and thus more robust than women’s skin. In addition, men are more prone to hormonal skin blemishes. There are therefore special products for men that are tailored to their skin care needs. Night care for men, for example, stimulates the circulation of the skin without over-stimulating it. Also night cream for men helps to prevent the onset of aging.

Of course, the ultimate tip for a fresh look is still: drink a lot! Even before going to sleep. Best water. Or unsweetened tea. This compensates for – for example, caused by too much alcohol consumption – lack of fluid. Especially after nights spent drinking, minerals and vitamins have to be replenished, which have been removed from the body by the alcohol-related drainage. Because without enough fluid in our cells, even the most expensive night creams bring nothing.